• Reviewed by: preetisharma12544  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: preetisharma12544  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: preetisharma12544  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: deauntetbfla  on: //2018
    I ended up with a pint of white rice instead of fried rice. 😵
  • Reviewed by: bakerboyzfla  on: //2018
    Very very disrespectful. More appreciation all they care about is money that wants to get your money they don't give a f*** about what the f*** you want or how the f*** you feel about your food f*** Wok and Roll b****
  • Reviewed by: kemeshia1985  on: //2018
    Just placed order can i get extra sou an duck sauce pl
  • Reviewed by: sotosylvia123  on: //2018
    My experience at Wok & Roll at JFK Terminal 1 was negative. I ordered noodles with two sides the noodles were under cooked and chicken was not as tasty. I can supply the receipt and keep the food refrigerated. Please respond. Sylvia Soto
  • Reviewed by: slowcala  on: //2018
    Best egg roll I've ever had. Looked hand rolled. Very accommodating with letting me choose veggies I liked and will do many dishes with bean curd (tofu). Super impressed! The only thing is the online menu said Sean Curd homestyle and I actually googled it! It was Bean Curd duh. Portion size was huge. We'll be back!
  • Reviewed by: nyomawill  on: //2018
    I love the food its seems very clean, but their integrity is very low and negative, the driver who delivered my food added a $2.00 tip on the receipt which caused my bank account to become overdrawn. That is called stealing. I never wrote in a $2.00 tip. If I had a tip to give I would have given a cash tip. They should be blessed that I even had more then enough money for a delivery which their minimum is $15 I spent $17.23 basically the last of what I had in my account.
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
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