• Reviewed by: bakerboyzfla  on: //2018
    Very very disrespectful. More appreciation all they care about is money that wants to get your money they don't give a f*** about what the f*** you want or how the f*** you feel about your food f*** Wok and Roll b****
  • Reviewed by: kemeshia1985  on: //2018
    Just placed order can i get extra sou an duck sauce pl
  • Reviewed by: sotosylvia123  on: //2018
    My experience at Wok & Roll at JFK Terminal 1 was negative. I ordered noodles with two sides the noodles were under cooked and chicken was not as tasty. I can supply the receipt and keep the food refrigerated. Please respond. Sylvia Soto
  • Reviewed by: test  on: //2017
  • Reviewed by: amitgupta10294  on: 24/08/2016
    Packers and Movers Bangalore @ and Movers Hyderabad @
  • Reviewed by: fd  on: 13/07/2016
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  • Reviewed by: jjenkins112685  on: 06/05/2016
    We order all the time for our least once a service and great food! Not many delivery places available and we greatly appreciate it!
  • Reviewed by: almightytaraoverlordoflife  on: 13/04/2016
    I ordered food for delivery 2 hours ago after I was told "40 minutes" on the phone. No one has yet to show up. I wasted my time ordering and waiting for food and should've ordered from somewhere else instead of going hungry. Due to comments about how rude the staff are, I don't even want to try calling. Do not recommend. Don't order from here.
  • Reviewed by: Hostileghandi  on: 23/02/2016
    The staff is unbelievably rude. They do not care to get your order correct and act as if it's an inconvenience to them that you are calling to order food.. or ya know, put money into their pockets. They also have a 15.00 minimum delivery requirement. My order came to 13.89 and the guy would not puty order through without the additional $1.11! Will definitely avoid giving them business from here on out.
  • Reviewed by: Deeman9292  on: 23/01/2016
    Amzion i cant believe it you guys are unbelievable poor average your rude your rotten egar deceptions got your heads on my cock ill never say never but then again ill be lien. what not i gotta call baq an im getting cuss out by the olladdy now you forgot my for. Forks my napkins in my Duck sause 😣😳😞 I wash my hand laddys n gentleman You guys Suck......
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