• Reviewed by: carolynnjune  on: //2021
    This is our go-to for Chinese food. Always fast and accurate delivery, polite drivers, and DELICIOUS food with usually 'extra' goodies thrown in [donuts]! LOVE this place!
  • Reviewed by: debbenoonanlcsw  on: //2021
    I saw some comments and wonder what happened in them, but I ordered New Years Eve and it was great and fresh. I plan to order again. Tonight.
  • Reviewed by: kiim.33  on: //2020
    Food was excellent today !!! Thank you
  • Reviewed by: manjareswapnali  on: //2020
    oscm content in our blog must read it
  • Reviewed by: no  on: //2020
    Was told a total and when it arrived ot was 2.00 more. When questioned he said min 20 order, well they should have told me that not just take 2.00. I would have ordered something small to makeup for it. Poor customer service and experience!
  • Reviewed by: kiim.33  on: //2019
    I am a regular lunch time to go order, and i don't usually complain, today my lunch was not up to par and very inconsistent and i called and was screamed at and she refused to replace my order. I am very sad because up until this point my experience has been nothing but 5 star and positive. The lady working the phones today needs a lesson in customer service 101.
  • Reviewed by: dawnspeth  on: //2019
    This is the best in town if you ask me. Has always been polite and delivery pretty fast depending on the day you order. Not to mention the fast is amazing. Will say egg rolls sometimes a little to much grease, need to let drip longer.I ordered just now as a matter of fact.
  • Reviewed by: preetisharma12544  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: preetisharma12544  on: //2019
  • Reviewed by: mqqqegawoke  on: //2019
    poop poop bruh poop poop food is yum yum in tum tum peepeepoopoo
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